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It was with the beginning of the last crisis, that the celebrated European Union began to crack. And to sour.

As it has always been – and will continue to be -, it is the poorest who feel more intensely the thump of the arrival of the tough time.

In September 2008, the Financial Times used the term PIGS to refer to Portugal, Italy, (and Ireland) Greece and Spain. It more or less, accused the Southern European nations to go scot-free, and the natives of all these countries to live like play boys at the expense of the great driving force of the EU. The British economic newspaper used a play on words with a phrase, (flying pig, popularly used by the British to designate something improbable), to mock the “swine economy” that had made us, the coastal countries of the Mediterranean (traditionally poor in relation to their northern relatives) dream in the years before the crisis with an economic takeoff that abruptly vanished like a dream.

I quote:

eight years ago the pigs really came to fly. their economies rocketed after joining the Eurozone (…). Now the pigs are falling back to earth.

Without getting into recognize the worth of value – is not the objective of this article – how much this statement is right and how much of easy and twisted demagoguery, (remember: banking scams, speculator-induced crisis, false accounting by Goldman Sachs, real estate bubble, etc.) which if it follows from this phrase, it is true aroma of a vain superiority of the one who being rich by birth could not stand in his social club the so called new millionaires, graced by a lottery draw.

That message left a mark, it really touched deeply.

So deeply that it had fatally wounded the EU.

We all remember how Greece had to humiliate itself to collect the crumbs that fell from the Merkel tablecloth (in exchange for the resources of its own country) and also how Spain or Portugal received severe whipping and spanks before being able to enjoy the bonus with which both countries would begin their slow pilgrimage towards utopic economic stability.
And all this without mentioning the demand, prior to the transfer, of countless cuts in social benefits and labor rights.

It must be remembered that this maneuver of extreme necessity elevated our debt to the point that the nation gave its sovereignty to those financial agents who provided us with boat to row.
but the “nice” message of the Financial Times had already settled between the Nordic and Central European society and the theory of “let the burden go” began to prevail among Germans, Dutch, Danish, English and several blondes.
The brexit has been the first creature, but more will come, no doubt. The EU is on the brink of death because insolidarity and selfishness is the first argument of capitalism.
Catalonia is one of the main economic engines of Spain. its geographical situation, the undeniable working capacity of the Catalan people and that special “gift” they have had for many years to drag large investments from Madrid, have made possible this unquestionable reality.
The great nations have always been characterized by their generosity and their solidarity among homonyms (at this point it should be remembered that the immense Catalan population today is descended from long migrations of Andalusians, Extremaduran, Aragonese ..).
The position adopted by both the Catalan politicians and the privileged classes to which they represent is of utter meanness.

Because, let’s be clear, what is being spread right now in “Catalonia” is not a “patriotic popular revolution” is a properly smurf of the brexit.

It may be that for the couple of millions of ignorant of their own history who are permanently demonstrating in the streets, it is “The liberation”, but they are no more than sad “Sans culotte” servants of the true bastard interests who pull the threads from the stage.

The sempiternal Catalan oligarchy, the most reactionary and rancid in Spain (surpassing even the “nobility” and its large state of rich kid) is the same as the one that organized in the 1920s the lock out gun law to assassinate the leaders of the strikes and it is the same that has devalued the chests of public institutions to bring their nation to a technical bankruptcy. Is the one that is imposing a situation that -they pretend –  allows them to live perpetuating their status of privileged class, but in a different scenario.

Change everything so that nothing changes.

And meanwhile what is the left-wing doing?

What are the fierce anti-system member of the CUP party doing?

Simply to cheer and clap.

It was – until yesterday – indelible in the DNA of Marxism to blame on religion – the opium of the people – and the patriotism the culpability of keeping the people asleep.

As no political theory has ever permeated the masses without a high ideal to worship, both communists and anarchists placed that ideological threshold in the nobility of solidarity between workers oppressed by capitalism and the bourgeoisie (proletarians of all the united countries)

The Catalan left wing and in general the members of the left wing party of Podemos of the rest of Spain, are playing a role that would blush the very Gramsci, demanding the removal and certified distance  – like  if they were outcast – of all those poor people from the south “living on our expense”.
The red wing of today are the ones buttering up the last bourgeois revolution.

In which way will improve the situation of the Catalan worker the day after the “big day”? I can already say it: in no way.

Good work, companions of the “metal work”.



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